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New Beginnings

Our Story

Our story begins with a passionate love for the flavors and aromas of Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine. Our founders, who hail from both countries, united with a shared vision - to bring the authentic taste of the Indian subcontinent to your plate with a special emphasis on tandoori and grilled dishes. We've painstakingly curated a menu that is an ode to the spices and flavors that have enchanted palates for generations, celebrating the culinary traditions rooted in our ancient Indian heritage.

Food Varieties

Our Menu

Prepare your taste buds for a symphony of spices as we showcase the very best of India's diverse culinary heritage. Our tandoor and grilled dishes are a testament to the art of marinating and grilling to perfection, infusing each morsel with the soul of the subcontinent.

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Appetizer menu

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    Vegetable Bhajias

    Vegan. mixed fried vegetables
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    Lasoonl Gobi

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    Tandoori Mushroom

    Mushroom in exotic Indian spices and herbs on skewered
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    Paneer Pakoras

    Homemade cheese inners.
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    Chicken Tikka

    Chicken tikka boneless chunks of chicken marinated with yogurt spices and herbs on skewers.
  • Garlic Naan For Taco



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